Monday, January 10, 2011

Missed Train, Not the Fun

Waiting for the Morning Train: An American Boyhood (Great Lakes Books)The early morning train starts to move in a languid pace. You see some passengers hopping on to the moving carriages, their sighs of relief too loud for you to miss. You are still some distance away, giving your best shot to get a grip onto the bar of the the last coach--you do not care if it is the guard's compartment. The guard is swaying a green lantern urging the driver to keep moving, but you feel as if he is mocking at you with every movement of the lantern.

The Great Indian RailwayConflicting thoughts crowd your mind, you look for The Scapegoat: the boy at the hotel counter could have been a little faster in completing your check out; the room service man should have posted the mini bar usage info promptly; if only the Hotel cab would have been at the door a wee bit earlier; why did the porter approach you at the station gate and offer his services--and you gave in--delaying the progress by precious seconds; why the hell did the train leave from platform no. two when you were told that it always left from one; and why the hell did the train leave dot in time, when delay is a way of life in India???? You never leave you out in the Blame Game, rather you take The Lion's Share.

The distance between you and the last coach keeps on growing. You are in two minds, whether to keep trying or giving your stressed system a rest.

You take a deep breath and stop. After all a train is not the only thing you've missed in life, the world is not going to collapse if you do not reach your destination today. You silently appreciate the power of your mind to rationalise things.

As you return to the hotel and enter your room, a realisation dawns in your mind: a whole day of relaxation and indulgence lies ahead of you.

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