Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Rain

It had not rained for a couple of days and that morning was particularly sunny.

"Just the right occasion to shun the rain-coat, which hangs around the neck like a millstone," I mused.

As I started to the office without my waterproof for the first time that monsoon, I felt light as a cork. Office work kept me busy during the day, so I didn't bother much about the weather. But in the evening as I emerged from the hall, a deafening sound baffled my senses. The heavens had opened up!

The heavy torrent lashed against everything that came its way, showing no signs of fatigue. That was enough for me. Suddenly, I was gripped by a strange impulse -- a kind of primordial instinct to step out into the open and enjoy the downpour.

The next moment, I was on the road. The piercing raindrops hitting my face at full force caused some pain in the beginning. But remembering the dictum 'inconvenience is adventure rightly considered,' I took my discomfort as a part of the game.

As my mobike gathered momentum, my spirit soared higher. I felt like the monarch of the road, with no speeding vehicles, blazing headlights or nagging traffic police to bother about. It was I and I only, with the rain to attend upon me.

Soon I was wet like a drowned rat -- water oozing out of my body, dress and shoes. I hummed a tune to buck myself up. People, squeezed under every conceivable shelter on both sides of the road, watched me in total disbelief. Some of them even whistled and shouted. Were they cheering my sangfroid or hooting at my craziness? I didn't care about it and continued with my adventure in the rain.

On reaching home, the first thing I received, apart from a few suspicious looks, was a steaming cup of tea. I don't know whether it was a reward for my bravado or a remedy for the inevitable cold, but to tell you the truth, it was the most satisfying cup of tea I had had for years. What a nice way to round off the delightful experience!

A parting bit of advice for readers -- next time you experience the deluge, turn your backs to umbrellas and raincoats, and jump outdoors.

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