Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My First Wine Museum Visit

Called Museu Do Vinho in Portuguese, this nice small exhibition tucked in the basement of a big building is the first wine museum in Asia. I was attracted to this place because it was in the same building as the Macau Grand Prix museum where I was headed. Also I had not been to any wine museum before. 
It is supposed to be in the shape of a wine cellar, but I had no clue of knowing this. There were no guides and very few visitors inside. The corridor leading upto the main hall displays posters on the genesis of wine making and drinking, how it reached Portugal and then China. Interested visitors may know many aspects of the subject from these write-ups. In the display hall I saw many wine making and vine growing tools followed by actual bottles of wines along with the dresses and culture of the different wine making regions of Portugal. The mannequins provided a lot of photo options.
Lastly near the exit we came to the wine testing area. Although the museum entry is free for testing you have to pay minimum of 15 patacas. You may test while the person in charge answers your queries. 
I met a visitor from New Zealand testing from many of the samples, who appeared very knowledgeable about wines all over the world. 
As you come out you are greeted by the sight of the wine store with a good stock of varieties of wines. You may take your pick, if you liked the wine inside.

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